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In 1890 Horace Pridmore bought Woodley Estate, in Glen Osmond, from Osmond Gilles, and then went on to plant more vineyards, built large cellars and increased the storage chambers. Three times President of the Vine Growers Association, Horace then went on to buy land in McLaren Vale, and in 1892 during one of the temporary recessions in the wine industry, built a small cellar of wattle slabs, naming it "The Wattles" and here made small amounts of wine to assist the hard-pressed local grape growers.

In 1894, Cyril Pridmore arrived from England to assist older brother Horace in the running of the vineyards and the recently established small cellars -"The Wattles". In 1896, after a decade of encouraging growers in planting more vines, Thomas Hardy and the growers faced a bumper year and called on the Pridmore brothers to assist in the handling of excess grapes in a larger and hastily constructed winery. After this Cyril continued managing up to 30 acres of vineyard and also undertook the construction of the 70x36 feet storage cellars that incorporated quite impressive concrete storage tanks that could handle up to 130,000 gallons of wine. This storage cellar also named "The Wattles" was built on the grounds of Sylvan Park and was completed in the same year as the purchase of the home of the same name, in 1901.

More responsibility fell on Cyril’s shoulders at the premature death of Horace in 1907. From this time onwards, Cyril continued to produce wine and supply grapes until he sold his winery to Penfolds Wines in 1910. The Sylvan Park homestead was however kept and used by Cyril between trips to England until his death in 1925, when the grand Estate was passed down to Cyril's sons, Hugh and Roy.

Upon coming of age, Hugh's son Digby took over the family business. With a passion and flair for viticulture, Digby raised his two children at the Sylvan park homestead, before purchasing a new property and continuing the grape growing enterprise in the Blewitt Springs area.

From 1892 to today, the family's dedication and passion for the wine industry has remained uninterrupted and as strong as ever.
Sylvan Springs is now owned and operated by Digby's son, David, who lives on the property with his wife Robyn, and two children Sam and Anthea.
Sylvan Springs is today a proud boutique wine producer, with a definite emphasis on quality as opposed to quantity. We pride ourselves on only supporting Independent retailers right around Australia which means you will  never see our wines in a Dan Murphy’s or BWS store. Our philosophy is to concentrate our resources into a small range of wines, and to do it well!

In 1996, fourth generation vigneron, David Pridmore launched the Sylvan Springs wine label with great success. Naming the wine Sylvan Springs after the family homestead and incorporating the family crest, the 'sun', into the label.

With some 45 hectares of premium quality grapes from which to select, only the very best fruit is retained for the Sylvan Springs label. This choice of fruit combined with the highly reputed talents of Brian Light provides a formidable combination for winemaking. It is indeed a privilege to have Brian's extensive knowledge and expertise on board. He certainly is an asset to Sylvan Springs.
All the viticulture work is done ‘in-house’ by the dedicated team at Sylvan Springs, many who have been with the family for over ten years.

Wine Making
From inception, Sylvan Springs Wines have been blessed to have the incomparable winemaking talent of Brian Light.
After completing his Oenology qualification at Roseworthy College, Brian worked for various wineries to increase his skill level and experience. Working both domestically and abroad, Brian progressed to chief winemaker of Norman’s Wines in 1985, where he stayed for ten years.

In 1996, Brian started his own business, consulting to and winemaking for a select group of clients, including Sylvan Springs. He has been named Australasian Winemaker of the year and Bushing King not once, but twice, making him one of McLaren Vale’s most recognized winemakers.
It is indeed a privilege to have Brian's extensive knowledge and expertise on board and he is certainly and asset to Sylvan Springs