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The Pridmore family have for decades been regular contributors to a number of local as well as national charity groups and will continue their support for these great causes. They believe that there is always room to give something back to the community and support groups that work so hard to make life better for others. You can join us in a new innovative approach were you can contribute to a charity of your choice when you buy our wines. To learn more about this, send us an email and we will forward you some information about the program.

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While we contribute to many charities there are many other community based groups or clubs who also struggle in fundraising. We have put together a fundraising opportunity for clubs and groups which can assist in raising some much needed funds. Fundraising is getting harder and harder and while we don’t think this will become an overnight cure for clubs or groups, we believe that when it is used in conjunction with other activities it will help clubs and groups to raise much needed funds. If you think your club or group can benefit from this fundraising opportunity, please register your interest and we will send you additional information about the opportunity. Then you can discuss it with your fellow members and decide if it something that works with your group.

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